Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Denny Creehan Aldersson Broaddus University

The man we all thought was here to help our football career was  marley a man that was out for nothing but himself.  Creehan has distorted many young man's dreams. There have been several players who has walked off the field and throw their football scholarship away due to this man.

A student athlete had a car accident  and Creehan said "he's not a part of the program " he preaches to every parent that every child is very important and he will treat them as if they were his own. But that was not his action he ignored the majority of the players that he brought from out of state.

A running back tells Creehan "my brother is on his death bed and I have to go see him"  Creehan says "well, how long will you be gone and you will have to make up the days of spring conditioning that you miss"

A player over heard Creehan telling his assistant coaches that he wants them to limit the recruiting of "black players" 

There was some issues in the school with football players  and they were African American so he felt the way to eliminate the issues is by not recruiting as many African Americans 

He brought some players from across the country and didn't utilized their talents, he threatened to "punch a kid in the throat" for knocking down his favorite player. In those exact words. 

 statements were made such as "your a failed abortion, your mom should of swallowed you" freehand assistant coaches exact words 

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